Andrew Lee - Executive Producer


Venture Production Group was founded by Andrew Lee in 2007 with the goal of providing high end, story driven content to a wide range of clients.

Andrew has worked in production since 1998, where he began his career at the PBS affiliate in Bloomington, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University  in 2006 with a B.A. in Telecommunications, he moved to New York City. He spent the majority of his time in New York producing and shooting features and original programming for CBS Sports. In 2014 he left CBS to refocus his attention to Venture, and moved to Nashville, TN, where he now runs the company with Ryan Newman. However, the true brains behind the entire operation is definitely Andrew's dog Josie, a precocious lab/hound mix who might not always appreciate dad's hectic work/travel schedule. 


Ryan Newman - Creative Director

Ryan is a creative partner at Venture and has worked in music videos and commercial production since 2005. While in college at Indiana University he earned his production chops shooting and directing music videos for local bands. Those early years of music video production led him to Nashville, TN where he was quickly signed as a director with Ruckus Film. The connections he has formed over the years with musicians and artists has greatly influenced and informed his work . He has brought that creative approach to a wide array of clients, from CBS Sports to Lonely Planet. His three-legged cat RC is his pride and joy and you'll never find him far from a double espresso.